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  • John Doe

    Anne-Mary Kiplings

    "My entire process is streamlined by using the EyeGenie app. From taking my patients through eyewear selection to choosing the right lenses -- It's become an invaluable tool."

  • John Doe

    Natasha Stevenson
    Fashion Designer - Ellas

    "I'm an optimist in the sense that I believe humans are noble and honorable, and some of them are really smart. I have a very optimistic view of individuals.

Passionate about building better Optical Tools! The Eyegenie built for opticians!

Eyewear Selection

Helps clients decide which eyewear is right for them.

Calculate PD

Easily calculate clients' PD simply by taking a photo, entering the frame length, and voila!

Show Lens Coatings

Visual demonstration of applying various coatings during lens selection.


Color Changer

Visual representation of a lens transitioning from indoors to outdoors.

Demonstrate Thickness

Dial in the clients prescription and demonstrate thickness based on various material selections.

Coatings Selection

Visually demonstrate the benefit of hydrophop, anti-reflection and anti-scratch coatings.

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EyeGenie in Pics.

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Great features for streamlining and assisting the optician's process.

Easy to Use

Very simple, easy to use interface provides clarity to patients in the many lens selection options.

Customer Sales Rep Support

Our sales representatives are available for demonstration; book your appointment today.

Streamline your daily interactions with your patients with EyeGenie.


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